1. If you are a beginner, don't tune your violin or other instruments by yourself, strings may break if improperly tuned and cannot be guaranteed, please ask for experienced help. When you tune your strings, donít be too closed to anyoneís face, strings may break suddenly and injure someoneís eyes.

2. Keep your instrument away from heat, cold, water or wet air. Do not leave violin or guitar in the car too long during the hot summer. Heat from sun or other source will damage and crack wood.

3. During heavy raining season or you are traveling to a wet air area, you may seal you instrument in a plastic bag to keep it dry.

4. Clean your instrument with soft cloth, polish your wood instrument by wood treatment lemon oil (you can buy it from Home Depot) every 6 month to void wood cracking. Your instrument was pre-polished before we ship out.

5. Release the bow hair tension when not in use. Broken bow, stretched or pulled-out hair is not cover by sellerís warranty.

6. Check your violin, viola or cello's bridge often. If it does not stand straight, ask your teacher to adjust it. Do not install or adjust the bridge if you are a beginner, it is very easy to break the bridge if you donít know the right way to do it, please ask for experienced help.

7. Handle your instrument and shoulder rest carefully. Keep your instrument in the case or carrying bag. If your case is closed by zippers, make sure unzip both zippers to the ends before open the case.

8. Do not attempt to do your own repairs. This may cause damage and void warranty. Only an expert musical instrument repairperson has the skill and experience to repair your instrument.

9. Keep at least one extra set of string in your case for emergencies. If you donít have any strings, please click strings to order.

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